Hello World,

We’re on a mission to help solve some of society’s biggest problems – one neighbourhood at a time.

Design and deliver

We’re a creative team that designs and delivers innovative projects into the community space. We believe in the power of just doing it.

We have access to a broad range of commercial skill-sets, which we couple with our passion for community empowerment.

Think like a start-up

We embrace methodologies more akin to a tech start-up. This helps ensure we rapidly get our projects off the ground.

We mix up experts from different fields, we love working closely with the communities we’re designing for AND we’re big fans of tech.

Our Projects

We work on both in-house projects, and on behalf of clients, whether they be communities, charities, government, or corporates. The range of projects we’re open to is constrained solely by our requirement that they have a positive impact at a local level. We’re very agnostic (and that’s putting it politely).

Locally Minded

Let’s fill our streets with trees…

Imagine how amazing it would be if ALL our streets were literally filled with trees. An urban forest if you like. We’d hear the sound of song-birds, we’d feel the dappled shady light of trees in summer cooling us, we’d be more inclined to walk, we’d bump into our neighbours more often, and our streets would become nicer places to be.

Street-trees are a key element helping to up-lock healthier happier streets. Read more