Our Projects

We’re interested in designing and delivering projects that help improve the environment, public health, crime and anti-social behaviour, protection of the elderly and vulnerable, community cohesion, local economic resilience, democracy and civic involvement, education and general well-being.

We’re particularly interested in projects that have the potential to be taken to scale through replication on a community-by-community basis.


NEW! Trees for Streets

We’re really excited to announce the launch of our latest project, Trees for Streets – the UK’s first National Street Tree Sponsorship Scheme. This helps local councils raise much needed funding for street trees. It also enables residents to make a positive contribution to their local neighbourhood.

Find out how we plan to plant ¼ million street trees and empower local communities in the process.

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We also have a number of projects that are sitting in our ‘simmering pot’ waiting for the team to get some time to breathe life into them.

We’re also very interested in hearing from individuals and organisations who have ideas that they’d like to get developed. We can work together to make these a reality.


Open for business

We’re always keen to hear from organisations – ranging from local government to corporates with a CSR agenda – who want to make a positive social impact ‘starting’ at a local level.

If your organisation is genuine in it’s desire – we’d love to speak with you.

Our project process

Step 1

The first time we look at a problem, or indeed an idea, we would do some early brainstorming, early engagement, and some initial research to understand the space better.

Step 2

Once we’re comfortable an idea has potential, we’ll organise the necessary resource to support the initial development. We’ll then pull together a multi-disciplinary team to rapidly develop a workable solution.

Step 3

Once we have our plan of action, we’ll look to pilot the new service or product in one or more carefully selected locations. We then listen, learn and iterate until we have something workable.

Step 4

Local can change the world, so we would then go to scale by replicating in other communities nationwide.

Say hello…

Interested in speaking with us about a project you’d like us to get off the ground, or you’d just like a chat, then do drop get in contact at hello@startwithlocal.org.uk We’re a friendly bunch.