‘Local’ design and delivery

We are a design and delivery organisation exploring ‘local opportunities’ and creating solutions for ‘local problems’. We focus on projects to design and deliver products and services, which first and foremost, empower ‘local’ communities to improve their immediate neighbourhoods. We deliver at a local level, but through our work aim to deliver programmes that can be scaled to benefit all communities, everywhere……This is why we’re called Start with Local.

Latest news!

We’re currently engaged in launching the National Street Street Sponsorship scheme – Trees for Streets, a project which includes service design, brand design, technical development, marketing and business development. We’re also providing pro-bono support to produce development plans for a £4m community hub as part of new park foundation. In this we are supporting a local community group work with their local council.

Project design & delivery

We design products and services that help communities thrive. We keep an eye out for projects that can scale, through en-masse replication – neighbourhood by neighbourhood nationwide.

'Hyper-local' corporate social responsibility

We help companies design and deliver ‘meaningful’ community programmes at a hyperlocal level. We do this to ensure that any national social responsibility programme has the right foundations in place to succeed. Make it work locally first.

Hyperlocal research and mapping

Successful local engagement depends on understanding the make-up of a community – people, organisations, businesses, local assets, local environment, existing media, social media, histories, and local issues. We provide research and mapping at a hyper-local level.

Local lab

Our local lab is where we develop ideas and turn them into reality. We mix together all the right ingredients – the people (experts and the community), partners, technologies and methodologies.

 We employ start-up type processes to help take projects to market at speed, in an effective way, unencumbered by the legacy of a large established organisation.

Our lab expertise and methodologies mean we can get involved, say, in a tech or software project for a social media company as easily as we can a more physical project, for say, a local council.

Latest project: Trees for Streets

We’re really excited to announce the launch of our latest project, Trees for Streets – the UK’s first National Street Tree Sponsorship Scheme. This helps local councils raise much needed funding for street trees. It also enables residents to make a positive contribution to their local neighbourhood.

This project brings together tech-for-good, product development, community engagement, fundraising, organisation design, branding, marketing and tree planting.

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Come and say hello

If you’re part of an organisation that would like to do its bit solving one of society’s big issues……and do it locally, then do get in touch, we’d love to have a chat. Hello@startwithlocal.org.uk